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Arnel Arevalo

Arnel Arevalo

For Now, My Watch Has Ended


I REMEMBER how uncertain my purpose was when I first entered the halls of St. Raymund’s Bldg. wearing my white polo barong and black trousers. Besides, during that time, I was only thinking of how bad the consequence of my fickleness would be. When people ask me why I chose Behavioral Science (BES) as my second choice, …

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A Letter to Artlet


DEAR ARTLET, By the time you’re reading this, you’re probably either (1) in disbelief that you just finished your first year of college, (2) already expecting the major challenges that come with being a junior, (3) procrastinating your thesis and in denial that in a year you’ll also leave this …

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Looking at my ‘Invisible Hand’


SELF-INTEREST is what drives human behavior and the economy at large to work in the most efficient and fair way. Adam Smith, the Father of Economics, called these natural economic forces the “invisible hand,” something we do not see but moves us. As I end my term in this publication with …

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A Multi-front Battle


“WATERLOO – I was defeated, you won the war,” were the first lyrics I carelessly sang in class (if I recall correctly) during my freshman year. I was fond of listening to ABBA during the early hectic days in college. This song in particular is about defeating your weaknesses. However, …

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Cacoethes Scribendi


THIS YEAR is a blur. Compared to the first three years, I felt like I aged, balancing acads and extra-curricular activities. For the past months, it was as if my life was nothing more but writing, compiling papers and research, proofreading articles, and reading reviewers. I go home and dive straight …

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Staying Afloat


FOUR YEARS ago, I entered the Communication Arts program wanting to be a film director. I wanted to make movies that made a difference—at least half of my then new blockmates also did. UST was not my dream school, I was planning to transfer to UP on my second year …

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IT FEELS surreal to finally be writing a column for the Flame. And not just any column, but a farewell. It’s that moment that tells me: Yes! I’m finally leaving. Don’t get me wrong. I love UST, and I love the Flame. But unlike most who become melancholic at the …

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Huwag Magpigil Seryoso


Huwag Magpigil Seryoso ni Ynca Ann Eve Duerme Isang parodiya sa tulang “Ang Huling Tula Na Isusulat Ko Para Sa’yo” ni Juan Miguel Severo Ito na ang huling tula na isusulat ko para sa’yo. Pangako ‘yan, at totoo. Sa pagdami ng taong kay dulas magsalita at sa pagdami ng mga …

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Beard, Beer, and Bribery: BAYAW on the Road to Presidency


IT IS past eight o’clock in the evening. Only noise from a few crew members fill the Aksyon TV studio as they begin shooting a short episode of a documentary show. Suddenly, a man wearing his “daddy fit” orange polo shirt walks into the room—beer belly first—and takes a seat at …

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