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Gaea Cabico

Gaea Cabico

Campus journalists urged to maintain truth in reporting


JOURNALISTS SHOULD be more accurate and firm in reporting to counter fake news and attacks on media online, seasoned media practitioners told student writers in a forum held June 15. Inday Varona, ABS-CBN News and Current Affairs contributing editor, said journalists should be more careful in reporting because their mistakes …

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Best bad decisions


I have a history of bad decisions. In a little town where most people tend to pursue teaching or tourism in college, I stood out when I wrote that I wanted to become a journalist in our class yearbook. I was dead serious. I had to get out of Lupao—where …

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The (Strange) Girl in the Jeepney

2 AE

I’d like to think I relate to Rachel Watson, the protagonist in Paula Hawkins’ The Girl on the Train, on a certain level. In the novel, Rachel creates her own story of a couple she sees every day who lives just a few houses down her old home. In the …

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The Moth and the Flame

3 ME

Before stepping into college I fell into an illusion that I was good enough to enter a university I had set my eyes on ever since. But, that illusion came to an end when I failed its famous admission test. I felt like a failure, not just to myself but …

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To more empowered Artlets

4 IE

The deadline of submission of the final column has already passed, and I was still squeezing myself to put my vague and mixed feelings into words. Writer’s block, they said. I hate it when it happens at crucial moments. Bahala na. With this column as the mark of my departure …

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5 FE

I admit I am at a loss for words for a proper goodbye. This column was already way past its deadline. For an unknown reason, I could not seem to find anything to share on my last chance to write this column. I could not choose what memory or lesson …

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Shot in the Dark

6 CE

It doesn’t seem like she knows what she’s doing,” someone once said about me. Upon hearing this, I was not sure what upset me more: the fact that she was talking about me in third person while I was right in front of her, or the fact that she might …

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Write! Why don’t you write?

7 LE

To diffuse the power of the author, to dismember texts with incursions and applications of criticism, in Literature, we were trained to unbridle our intellect and infuse it with the spirit of action in the form of praxis. In praxis, one is called to move. Untangle. Unchain. Slice through. And …

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Leaving my lenses

8 PE

Magjo-journ ka? Hindi ba dapat magaganda lang yung mga journalist?” That was what a high school teacher once told me when I boasted that I wanted to pursue journalism as my college course. She blurted that out in front of her co-teachers which made me more embarrassed. I wanted to …

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Planting your Magical Beans


My friends know how big a fan I am of Friends, that 90’s TV show about six attractive young people living in New York. And while I was browsing for an episode I still haven’t watched, I stumbled upon this episode where Rachel faced a predicament: “What if it doesn’t …

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