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Baby Ruth Villarama: Portraying Reality in the Silver Screen


“A WINDOW to the world.” This is how documentary filmmaker Baby Ruth Villarama describes the television features that took up her Saturday afternoons as a child; she was always anticipating the day’s National Geographic Society special. She never truly understood why she was drawn to those 30-minute features. Maybe it was …

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Faces of Dapitan (02/13/2017)


“What makes you stay in a relationship?” Bandy: “Siyempre, sa first few months tsaka sa first year siguro kilig pa ‘yun eh. Siguro ‘yun ‘yung initial pero pag tumatagal kayo, parang tropa na lang kami na—hindi naman kami masyadong cheesy pero lagi kaming nag-uusap, lagi kaming nagpupuyat, [at] lagi kaming …

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Kristelle Batchelor: Finding her Home-court Advantage


SEVEN THOUSAND thirty-five miles. Kristelle Batchelor walked into the La PanotiQ bakery cafe, welcomed by its gray walls, tiled floors and front glass windows. She put on her black apron and greeted each customer with a smile. She was 7,035 miles away from her home and her true love. Her …

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Faces of Dapitan (10/23/2016)


“Was there a time when you felt anxious or depressed?” “Always.” “What triggers your thoughts?” “College. I didn’t like my course, I never wanted to be in this course.” “Did you take any action to change your course?” “I tried talking to my parents if pwede, pero ayaw talaga nila.” …

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The King Tiger’s Last Chance

vigil temp hehe

HE WILL not be another King Tiger clutching his soaked jersey at the end of the season, wondering why the championship would only let them get close—but never close enough. Not on his last year. Louie Philippe Vigil had his fair share of court heartbreaks when the Growling Tigers succumbed …

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Cyrus Valdez: Making the Cut


HE THOUGHT, and there was nothing. Cyrus Jay Valdez and his team of 11 were down to filming their last few scenes of the short film Forever Natin. Time was running out. He was almost at his breaking point. Was he going to let the pressure get to him? “If …

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Faces of Dapitan (08/05/2016)

Faces of Dapitan

“How long does it take you to adjust to a new environment?” “I don’t think it will take long. I mean, we have friendly people around.” “You just met them here?” “Yeah, I just met them here.” “Then, you clicked immediately?” “Yeah. We kept texting.” “How do you cope with …

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Beard, Beer, and Bribery: BAYAW on the Road to Presidency


IT IS past eight o’clock in the evening. Only noise from a few crew members fill the Aksyon TV studio as they begin shooting a short episode of a documentary show. Suddenly, a man wearing his “daddy fit” orange polo shirt walks into the room—beer belly first—and takes a seat at …

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Faces of Dapitan (04/19/2016)

karl 3

“Para kanino ‘yung balloons?” “Binigyan kasi kami nung friends namin so nahiya naman kami kung wala kaming ibabalik, kaya binili namin ‘to para sa kanila. At saka very close kami.” “Gaano ba kaimportante ‘yung pagbibigay sa mga kaibigan?” “‘Yung pagbibigay kasi namin na ‘to parang small thing lang compared sa …

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Faces of Dapitan (02/14/2016)

danie couple fod

  “Naranasan mo na bang buhatin ng special someone ‘yung bag mo?” “Opo.” “Siya (Anthony) ba?” “Hindi, (laughs) pero nabubuhat din niya minsan. Lalo na ‘pag lalabas ako ng classroom tapos naiiwan ‘yung bag ko sa room, dadalhin nalang niya sa’kin paglabas niya.” “Ano ang nararamdaman mo ‘pag nakikita mo …

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