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Fake news epidemic: Journalism in the post-truth era

THE MEDIA is under attack. Releasing content on different platforms—print, broadcast, and online—the media has always been a trusted source of news and information. But in the past few months, the Philippines has seen a surge of fake news posted on social media sites, and even with real information being …

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Battles Less Heard Of: A Spotlight on Mental Health

HABITUALLY TOUCHING things like the floor and making sure that his toys were organized before going out were some of the certain compulsions that recent Behavioral Science (BES) graduate Heber O’Hara thought were normal in his life as a kid. However, growing up, he realized that his “usual” was unusual …

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Scarred, Scared, and Silent: Shedding Light on Sexual Harassment

  A SECOND home is how students would usually perceive their schools and universities, a safe space where they are nurtured intel­lectually and socially before venturing out in the real world. However, beyond the four walls of the classroom there re­mains greater threats—and that includes sexual harassment. Recently, a Facebook …

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THE FLAME EXPLAINS: Are Voting Receipts Necessary?

  AFTER THE Supreme Court (SC) affirmed its ruling for the Commission on Elections (Comelec) to issue voting receipts, the Philippines’ third fully automated national elections last May added the said feature in the voting process. But is it necessary? Section 6 of Republic Act 9369, also known as the Automated …

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