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Panahon na, Bayan


Editor’s Note: In line with the 44th anniversary of the declaration of Proclamation 1081 as the law of the land, the Flame will post a series of articles written by the publication’s former staffers during the Martial Law period. The Flame, being one of the student publications who continued its …

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Banyuhay: A Magnification of the Filipino Society


TRAIN RIDES are oftentimes tiresome because of the lengthy lines at ticket stations, the immersion with a huge pack of commuters, the noisy clanking of the wheels with the rail tracks, and the grasping of steel posts as one stands impatiently waiting for the train to arrive at his destination. …

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Kusina: Where the Heart Rests

Poster via Cinemalaya Facebook page

IN TRADITION, Filipinos believe that there is life after death—an afterlife in which an individual’s identity and consciousness continue to exist even after the passing of a body. Kusina defamiliarizes Heaven as the holy realm that reveals all that is expected it would be like: a room where there is …

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Cinemalaya Shorts A: Through the Glistening Scythe

Poster via Cinemalaya Facebook Page

LIFE HAS been man’s cornucopia of successes and misfortunes in the world. Yet it is only when he faces death that he realizes how precious and limited it is. The Shorts A division of the 12th Cinemalaya Film Festival focuses on this, compelling the viewers to reflect on their lives …

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Tuos: Breaking the Shackles of Tradition

Poster via Tuos Facebook page

MILES AWAY from the country’s capital region, where daily living includes mobile phones and honking of cars, lay various pre-Hispanic traditions that still survive up to this day despite the speeding influence of modernity. Cinemalaya 2016 Audience Choice Feature Film Tuos presents the clash between tradition and modernity by the use …

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Island Hopping


Three specks of mossy green behind her, she wonders, both legs dangling off the edge of the running motorboat, What would happen if islands could have memories like humans do? Would the first island remember the way its seaweeds twice her arm length tickled her cheeks and ears as she …

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Ma’Rosa: A Pure Witness to the Filipino Condition

poster via The Film Stage website

A PORTRAIT of a homeless family, a couple with a child, scraping glass bottles to sell to the junkshop—at a distance is Rosa (Jaclyn Jose), watching them from the police jeep. Slightly soaked from sweat combined with rainwater, she is handcuffed with her husband by her side. It is visible …

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Iadya Mo Kami: An Advent of Epiphany

poster via Iadya Mo Kami Facebook page

IT IS through rose-tinted spectacles that man perceives the social order, making him selective and indifferent to the troubles burdening him at the present time. Director Mel Chionglo deviates from the typical themes used in films and transgresses to expose one of the ills in today’s society with his movie …

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Double-sided Gesture


  Double-sided Gesture by Dianne Alyssa A. Aguirre Let your thumb speak your judgment about the past in a coin toss, when He was more than a right-sided face in every five-peso, and led the Motherland in its first republic year. A thumbs up could be as double-sided as a …

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Huwag Magpigil Seryoso


Huwag Magpigil Seryoso ni Ynca Ann Eve Duerme Isang parodiya sa tulang “Ang Huling Tula Na Isusulat Ko Para Sa’yo” ni Juan Miguel Severo Ito na ang huling tula na isusulat ko para sa’yo. Pangako ‘yan, at totoo. Sa pagdami ng taong kay dulas magsalita at sa pagdami ng mga …

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