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Resist or Assist?

THE UNIVERSITY seemed resistant to change as majority of the Thomasian community expressed their opposition to the proposed flood “detention basin” underneath UST’s football field after President Benigno Aquino III made an innuendo to a “big university” in Manila rejecting the said proposal—referring to none but UST—during his last State …

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Pampering Political ‘Pampams’

IT’S THAT time of the year again where we would bring out the dusty Christmas decorations after keeping them in a box for a year from our bodega. The streets would glow in green and red, markets would be filled with parols, Santa and Rudolph would be seen lighted up in …

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More Than Clamor

ONE OF my professors described the Faculty of Arts and Letters as “a microcosm of the society.” We are alive with political intrigues, watchful for unjust system, and most of all, freely immersed into discussions about social issues to let ourselves be aware of what is really happening outside the four …

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The Tap-and-go is Not Enough

“ILANG ARAW na lang, Beep card na po ang gagamitin sa lahat ng mga istasyon ng LRT!” exclaimed the sales person from one of the Light Rail Transit’s (LRT) busiest terminal stations, while I was buying my first ever tap-and-go card. For regular train riders like me, a change this big …

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