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Photo of the Week

Photo of the Week (07/31/2016)

Cosmologists theorize that there is an infinite number of universes. Across one side of an argentine pavilion lies a park filled with lush fields of grass alongside a concrete pavement and trees embellished with scintillating lights. At night, couples chat and sit down either on a cleaved trunk of a …

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Photo of the Week (07/24/2016)

Island Hopping Three specks of mossy green behind her, she wonders, both legs dangling off the edge of the running motorboat, What would happen if islands could have memories like humans do? Would the first island remember the way its seaweeds twice her arm length tickled her cheeks and ears …

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Photo of the Week (07/17/2016)

When dusk begins, the city starts talking. Buildings whisper stories to sidewalks; stories about lonely office workers and people who drop their cups of coffee while running to work. Roads groan in pain due to the new construction project that they don’t even need. The city talks while we lay …

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This is home. No matter what, this is home. I close my eyes—I hear the low birdsong floating over the roaring of earthbound engines and feel the tension between earth and sky holding me still. I don’t mind the people in the same way they don’t mind me. We all …

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In This Place Where Light Never Sleeps

I was fourteen when stories about the success of my distant cousins were prepared on the dining table—broiled with flying colors and marinated with high paying-jobs I wouldn’t dare to taste. The sciences the main dish. Engineering the leanest of all meat while law is just another appetizer. But I …

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