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Kusina: Where the Heart Rests

IN TRADITION, Filipinos believe that there is life after death—an afterlife in which an individual’s identity and consciousness continue to exist even after the passing of a body. Kusina defamiliarizes Heaven as the holy realm that reveals all that is expected it would be like: a room where there is …

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Cinemalaya Shorts A: Through the Glistening Scythe

LIFE HAS been man’s cornucopia of successes and misfortunes in the world. Yet it is only when he faces death that he realizes how precious and limited it is. The Shorts A division of the 12th Cinemalaya Film Festival focuses on this, compelling the viewers to reflect on their lives …

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Tuos: Breaking the Shackles of Tradition

MILES AWAY from the country’s capital region, where daily living includes mobile phones and honking of cars, lay various pre-Hispanic traditions that still survive up to this day despite the speeding influence of modernity. Cinemalaya 2016 Audience Choice Feature Film Tuos presents the clash between tradition and modernity by the use …

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Artlet alumnus wins award in Cinemalaya 2016

AN ARTLET alumnus bagged the Audience Choice Award for short feature film in the 2016 Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival awards night held Sunday. Independent film Forever Natin directed by Communication Arts graduate Cyrus Valdez won the award after making the most “impact” to the viewers. Valdez’ film portrayed the …

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Cyrus Valdez: Making the Cut

HE THOUGHT, and there was nothing. Cyrus Jay Valdez and his team of 11 were down to filming their last few scenes of the short film Forever Natin. Time was running out. He was almost at his breaking point. Was he going to let the pressure get to him? “If …

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