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Tag Archives: Perspectives

Crippled country and its justice system

MORE FILIPINOS are becoming uneasy over the current administration’s “war against illegal drugs.” In a survey conducted by the Social Weather Stations from June 23 to 26, 41 percent of the 1,200 respondents said they were “very worried” that they or someone they know would be a victim of summary …

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Setting the bar higher

DISSATISFACTION WITH a candidate’s platforms is just one of the factors that would make a voter consider other options in a ballot. But what if the other candidates still seem unfit for the position they are running for in the student council? The voters would rather opt to abstain or …

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Neu Roses: Continuing Conversations

IT HAS been a year since the Department of Health officially launched a national hotline that will provide help to people with mental health concerns. The project is called HOPELINE, a 24/7 crisis support hotline for depression and suicide prevention. People behind the phone are trained by professional psychiatrists and …

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On Lack of Discourse on Certain Things

THE TRAIN stops at my station and I move along with the crowd that walked like zombies. But I forgive them; it was a long day after all. The streets around Tayuman station is always busy even at night. Vendors who sell goods are littering the streets, and stores are …

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IT FEELS surreal to finally be writing a column for the Flame. And not just any column, but a farewell. It’s that moment that tells me: Yes! I’m finally leaving. Don’t get me wrong. I love UST, and I love the Flame. But unlike most who become melancholic at the …

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