Monday, March 27

Lucy, Band: We have fans? Siguro thank you again for the support […]

Photo by Lila Mortel/THE FLAME


What is your backstage ritual for preparing for your concert?

“I think I mentioned this before sa kaibigan ko, yung huddle. […] Parang, motto namin is to enjoy the stage. If you make mistakes, just forget them and just have fun on stage so.. We just say that paulit-ulit. And pray.

How are you guys feeling? [now that] you are playing for a crowd for as big as Paskuhan?

“Excited na may kaba.”

“May kaba kasi it’s our largest crowd as of now.”

Do you guys have any message for your fans or your crowd?

“We have fans? Siguro thank you again for the support, kasi we wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for them. The performance that we gave ‘nung Tunog Tomasino is just a small part why we’re here but most of it comes from our fans, our supporters.”


– Lucy, Tunog Tomasino 2022: Battle of the Bands winner


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