Riand: I want to express myself




Tell us about your cosplay today, bakit ka nagcosplay today?


“Actually, the reason why I cosplayed today is because I want to express myself din, kasi it’s a fun hobby since I struggle with anxiety sometimes. So I feel like this is stepping out of my comfort zone a little bit, and this is a way for me to do that.


Tell us about the character that you are cosplaying, can you describe why ‘yun ‘yung napili mo for today.


I chose Anya from Spy x Family because I really like her character. I started reading the manga before it became animated, so I really like the way that her character […] even though she can read minds, she sometimes messes it up. And it goes to show that not everything is as simple as it seems. Yeah, that’s mainly the reason why I chose her.”

Riand Nikole M. Argabioso, creative writing student




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