Communication seniors: Isa lang mapapayo ko sa inyo, listen to your groupmates

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What was your initial emotion after defending your thesis?

Margaret: Feeling ko para akong nabunutan ng tinik, kasi parang even in our idle moments kahit hindi na namin iniisip yung thesis […]  it’s eating at us, parang andiyan lang siya, inaabangan niya kaming, ‘Uy tapusin mo na kami (thesis).’ Now that it’s done […] mas makakapag-focus pa ako sa ibang requirements namin in a better mental state.

Edlyn: I feel relieved and a big weight was taken off my shoulders. Kahit may mga revisions pa rin kami, compared to before, at least hindi na kami magde-defense ulit, that was like you know [one of] the big part[s] of writing the thesis, presenting it.


If there is someone you’d like to dedicate this achievement to, who would it be and why? 

Margaret: I think most people would dedicate this to their families, pero ako I would dedicate this to my dog, kasi all throughout the thesis writing process, the data gathering, siya yung katabi ko. Like literal na nakatabi lang siya sakin when I cried about thesis […] even in my most stressful moments feeling ko siya yung nagpapasaya sa’kin, so feel ko I owe this kind of achievement sa kanya.

Edlyn: Ako hindi ko ma-dedicate sa isang tao lang eh. Besides my family kasi that’s the obvious answer, I think all of the friends that I’ve spoken too in the past years, kahit yung mga junior high, senior high, […] they really helped me realize that I still have people around me who care for me and care about my success as much as theirs.


What was the most memorable and exhilarating moment you have had while making your thesis with your groupmates?

Margaret: Pinakamasaya? Feeling ko yung focus group discussion namin […] because I got to see [a] fresher perspective mas nakakilala ako ng other people who shared the same experiences as I. Natutuwa ako kasi there are deeper stories pa pala behind these people na nalalagpasan ko lang sa corridors, so parang being able to actually sit down and ask them these questions, hearing their stories, nasiyahan ako kasi mas nagkaroon kami ng contact.

Edlyn: Sa totoo lang, I think the most exhilarating moment for me was the second na alam kong tapos na kami sa pinaka-recent manuscript namin at na-submit na namin sa mga panelist. Alam kong this was not the most final thing and we still have to work on it, but there’s a weight taken off our shoulders we’re getting there.


How do you feel you are a few months away from marching in QPav?

Margaret: Actually medyo kinakabahan, kasi una, meron pang ibang subjects na kailangan harapin. Other than that yung pressure na maa-achieve ko ba yung goals ko, mapu-pursue ko ba yung dream career ko, and siyempre I don’t want to let down the people who believed in me. So siyempre there’s this goal [para] sa sarili ko na hindi ko pa alam kung mararating ko, but I’m sure na with this milestone, feel ko it’s gonna be a new motivation for me to reach greater heights pa.

Edlyn: Ako naman as a person who always worries about the future pa, ilang– hindi lang buwan, taon ko na to pinag-iisipan, matagal na. Freshman pa lang ready na ready na ako grumaduate, and you know it’s finally here four years after, after lockdown, hindi ko in-expect na aabutin ko ‘tong milestone na ‘to because of how difficult it was and lalo na ngayon lang kami nakabalik sa campus so, it’s really relieving but at the same time bittersweet because I didn’t get to experience the prime college life that I always wanted.


What advice can you give to your juniors who are currently writing their thesis?

Margaret: Isa lang mapapayo ko sa inyo, listen to your group-mates… I know you guys have your own pace, your own schedule, but parang importante talaga yung teamwork dito and cooperation… There will be times na parang hindi kayo magiging magkasundo ng vision, it’s always better to communicate what your ideal outcome would be, kasi parang iisang papel lang ‘yung gagawin niyo, so mas mabuti if iisang direksyon ‘yung pupuntahan niyo.”

Edlyn: Ito ang masasabi ko, there are three C’s to this. First one is collaboration, second one is communication, third is cramming. [But] don’t do it, ‘wag kang mag-cram ng thesis mo para ma-experience. Kami na-realize na namin yung deadlines, and that’s where we start panicking and that’s where things tend to go downhill. As much as you like to rest, or have a good time, you have to be aware of the responsibilities that you have so that everything moves much smoother than it would otherwise.


      -Margaret Diaz and Edlyn Morales, communication seniors


Interview by GIANNAH OCHOA

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