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Lawrence: The most memorable was when I was able to click everything together

Photo by Versy Mendoza/ THE FLAME

What was the most memorable and exhilarating moment you’ve had while making your thesis?

“The most memorable was when I was able to click everything together […] The moment I said, ‘oh my God, I actually know what I’m writing, I actually understand, it’s making sense’ that was the most exhilarating moment. I was actually able to finish a few weeks of work into two days because of that, so keep your time safe and make sure that you have that burst of confidence. Once you do have that, keep on pushing.”


If there’s one person that you can dedicate your thesis achievement to, who would it be and why?

“I’m definitely dedicating this to my adviser, Sir Jan Ledesma. He was my second adviser because my first adviser didn’t get to complete his advising to me […] he already had five students that he was helping, so I was incredibly grateful and he was very encouraging.”


Do you have any advice for your juniors who are currently in the process of writing their thesis?

“Manage your time. I cannot stress that enough. I was an incredible procrastinator, I was holding on to a lot of things – ‘I should do this tomorrow, I have completed this so I’ll give myself a reward and rest’. No, if you have time, you should use that time.”


    -Lawrence Makabenta, literature senior


Interview by IRISH FERY

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