Aubrey: I want to be the kindest person

Photo by Madeleen Saguid/ THE FLAME

What is something you know you will always look back to throughout the years you’ve spent in UST? 

“I think it’s the friendships I’ve made with other people and also political science itself. At first, I really didn’t want political science but later on, I found myself enjoying it.”


Throughout your Thomasian journey, how different were you when you first entered the arch compared to today? What do you think contributed to these changes?

“I have this favorite advice from a professor when I entered political science, I wanted to become the smartest in the class, but now that I am graduating from Political Science, I want to become the hardest worker in class when I get into law school. Most especially, I want to be the kindest person whom my friends can always count on.” 


What do you think makes UST the “dream” university?

“Definitely, the environment. It feels like home […] it’s a mixture of different people with different social classes with different cultures […]. I can say that the feeling of the university is really warm and genuine, like home.” 


     – Aubrey Jestine Matitu, political science senior

Interview by CALI ASAJAR

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