Sofia: UST made me a stronger person

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What is something you know you will always look back to throughout the years you have spent in UST?

Syempre ‘yung college friends ko. Parang it’s really not about the subjects na natutuhan namin [or] tinake namin, but it’s about the people that surround you during your four-year course. Parang doon mas nalaman ko kung sino ‘yung mga tao na dapat mong lapitan [at] mga tao na dapat dadalhin mo after college life.”


What are you looking forward to after your graduation? 

Syempre makahanap ng job. Actually for employment agad kasi I want to give back to my family and of course help na makapagpaaral din ng sisters ko after ko maka-graduate.”


What do you think makes UST the “dream” university? 

“It’s really the culture. UST […] ibang iba siya sa other schools and kung ano ‘yung meron dito, pag labas mo kaagad maiisip mo na sa UST lang talaga meron ng [ganitong culture]. Kapag nagkita-kita kayo ng mga kakilala mo mag-hug na agad.”


Personally, How did UST live up to your expectations? 

UST made me a stronger person kasi there are things that we have to go through alone. Hindi sa lahat ng panahon available ang friends mo or lahat ng tao sa tabi mo kapag kailangan mo sila [in some cases] but UST made me stronger as an individual. Pina-realize niya sa’kin na mas mabuting harapin mo mag-isa instead of may kasama ka.” 


     – Sofia Valderama, journalism senior


Interview by CALI ASAJAR

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