Nicole: I am most proud of my ability to show up when needed

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What nicknames have you earned in your college life? From where/whom did you get these?

“I am most known for being the “Block President” or “Pressy” kasi during our last year, ako yung nag-lead sa block namin.”


What remained the same throughout your four years of residence in the University?

‘Yung bond and ‘yung friendship that we’ve formed. It remained the same but at the same time, it also strengthened since I’ve gotten to know my blockmates better. Parang kahit nagka-pandemic, pagbalik namin ng face-to-face, gano’n pa rin yung samahan namin.”


What spots in the University did you experience your most cherished memories? 

“‘Yung damuhan sa lover’s lane, kasi during our first year, gabi na nage-end ‘yung classes namin. Parang when everything’s so stressful and mabigat, doon kami tumatambay tapos kakain at magchichikahan kami doon and that’s a core memory for all of us.”


What achievements are you most proud of since the beginning of your college years? 

“As a leader, I’d say I am most proud of my ability to show up when needed and I think, as someone who’s a part of student organizations and as the block president, I think that’s something that I was able to fortify as a student leader here in UST.”


     – Nicole Villasper, history graduate




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