Anna: “Enjoy it because college life is really a different ride”

Photo by Franz Martin Dizon/ THE FLAME

What is your message to all new Thomasians this year? 

You need to enjoy it because college life is really a different ride. You need to have your peers na mapupuntahan everytime na hindi maganda ang araw ninyo. Just enjoy [and] wag kayong mapadala sa peer pressure because peer pressure is really part of it. Enjoy AB, Enjoy UST, and I hope to see you in your graduation four years after.”


What advice can you give to all freshies in order to survive college? 

Just read. You need to read and comprehend everything because if you don’t read I don’t think that you will really survive college because reading is really important lalong-lalo na sa AB.”


     – Political science professor Anna Esperanza Aquino


Interview by Ma. Irish Fery

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