CW freshies: “We felt the school spirit, the Thomasian community”

Photo by Franz Martin Dizon/ THE FLAME

On a scale of 1 to 10,  how is your experience of the Welcoming festivities? And why?

Kaisha: “It’s a 10 for me, probably since this is one of my first ever school functions and everything has been exciting, wonderful, and memorable… and I am looking forward to the other occasions.”

Vherwin: “On a scale of 1 to 10, I think over 10, maybe a hundred or a thousand more ‘cause I could really feel the school spirit and the support of the whole Thomasian community when I entered the Arch and the ROARientation, the seniors really prepared everything for us and I’m really thankful for the seniors, the staff, and the faculty [for] the ROARientation.”

What were the highlights for you during the Roarientation?

Kaisha: “Probably the performances prepared by the other students as well as the mini games to keep us entertained and yeah, those are it.”

Vherwin: “Same, same. The performances, the mini games, of course the whole chant and cheer things that we learned during the Roarientation.”

What was the first thought after passing through the Arch?

Kaisha: “This is it, I’m finally here.”

Vherwin: “My first thought would be, ‘Mama, Papa, Thomasian na ako!’ I’m so excited for my first year and four years to come, so I’m very hyped.”

     – Gabrielle Kaisha Caparas and Vherwin Kayle Cristobal, creative writing freshmen

Interview by Giannah Erin Ochoa


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