Kasandra: “I hope na ma-fulfill lahat ng dreams mo simula nung pagkabata”

Photo by Franz Martin Dizon/ THE FLAME

How are you feeling right now that you can call yourself a ‘legit’ Thomasian?

Sobrang saya po kasi dream school ko po ito eh, talagang pinaghirapan [ko] po lahat. Punong-puno ng manifesting prayers.”

What do you think is the most exciting part of this year’s Roarientation?

“Meeting new friends and new environment po dito sa new school.”

What are you most looking forward to?

“Looking forward to po ako dito sa mga new organizations dito sa UST kasi nalaman ko na maraming organization na mostly wala sa ibang school.”

As a new Artlet, how can you embody the spirit of being an AB student?

“Being full of spirit ng isang pagiging communication student.”

 As you start a new chapter of your life, is there any message you’d like to convey to your future self?

“I hope na ma-fulfill lahat ng dreams mo simula nung pagkabata which is yung maging news anchor.”

     – Kasandra Mendoza, communication freshman

Interview by Giannah Erin Ochoa

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