Louie: “It will be a fun journey and make it worthwhile”

Photo by Franz Martin Dizon/ THE FLAME

What is your message to all new Thomasians this year?

First of all, welcome to UST. It would be a privilege to have you as part of the Thomasian community. Enjoy your stay, definitely it will be a fun journey and make it worthwhile.”


What advice can you give to all freshies in order to survive college?

Well it is difficult to say all freshies […] baka siguro for AB especially for social science programs [like] Political Science, Sociology, Economics, History, you have to really love the discipline and loving the discipline comes with knowing how to effectively read, effectively write, and being able to send your message across. Hone those skills because it will be very helpful until the end.


     – Asst. Prof. Louie Benedict Ignacio, political science department chair

Interview by Ma. Irish Fery



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