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The News section is tasked with delivering timely and factual reports on current events and issues that concern Artlets.

The Issues section is the special reports section that goes deep into the heart of Faculty-wide, University-wide, and national issues to uncover the truth through comprehensive stories.

The Features section showcases people’s thoughts and opinions—whether students, alumni, or professors—through compelling, validated, and human-centric articles.

The Culture section is the lifestyle section that dedicates itself to enhancing Artlets’ artistic sensibilities by introducing them to the vast world of the arts, music, and even food.

The Literary section ignites Artlets’ intellectual senses through incisive reviews of plays and films as well as thought-provoking prose and poetry.

More than just capturing snippets of important events, the Photography department tells stories through its own medium. In cooperation with the Photography Department, videographers create audio-visual elements to supplement The Flame’s stories.

Tasked with overseeing the publication’s overall aesthetic, the Art department creates layouts, animation, and artwork to accompany The Flame’s articles, video content, and literary pieces.

Who we are

File photo by Karl Angelo N. Vidal/THE FLAME

In 1964, with the merger of the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters and the College of Liberal Arts, the need for a student publication that would serve as a mouthpiece for students arose, coupled with the restlessness of bearing the new identity of “Artlettes.”

Rey Datu, then the Arts and Letters Student Council Vice President, became the first editor-in-chief of the campus newspaper that would later be known as The Flame.


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Exam details



Applicants must submit the listed requirements, following the correct file type and file name

1. Scanned copy of the registration form from the MyUSTe student portal.
2. Screenshot of 2nd term A.Y. 2022-2023 grades (For 2nd year and up only)
3. One-page resume in PDF (include Facebook profile link)
4. Portfolio (All materials shall be sent through your personal Google Drive link):
– For photographers: Minimum of five (5) photos
– For videographers: Minimum of two (2) sample works (each video has to be 2 minutes minimum running time)
– For artists: Minimum of three sample works (3) (digital and/or traditional arts)
– For graphic designers: Minimum of three (3) sample works (poster and/or infographic)
– For animators: One minute animation using flat objects (refer to The Flame’s Vlog Populi)
– For video editors: Minimum of two (2) sample works

NOTE: All requirements must be submitted online. No walk-in applications

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