The Eyes of the Dragon


THERE existed an eldritch tale about an almighty, gargantuan dragon that created the sky, sea, and land. He reveled upon the magnificence of the horizon that he created and thus decided to reside in the expanse of the skies. Periodically, he would descend into the ocean and indulge in the crystal clear waters that stroked his scales. He was very pleased with his opus and felt that other beings should share in the profound pleasure that filled his chest.

The dragon created humans as his companions and they adored him greatly. Unfortunately, the bodies of humans were of delicate construction. The dragon feared that he would accidentally trample on the beings that he loved due to his colossal size, and so he retreated back to the skies where his proportions fit perfectly, while still being in close proximity to mankind.

On days that dark clouds were scattered across the skies, humanity was scared because the thunder sounded like a sinister monster’s roar and the lightning was potent enough to kill them. Unbeknownst to them, the dragon was merely attempting to pierce the clouds with his booming roar and sharp claws so that people would graze his line of vision once again.

Day and night, the humans put great trust in the dragon for he religiously kept his eyes over them, with the sun and the moon as the perpetually revolving testaments of his watchful gaze all the days of their lives. F ADRIAN PAUL L. TAÑEDO


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