AFTER years of commuting around the city and seeing new people almost every day, it has come to my mind that none of these strangers ever really had an impact on me—only until I happened to converse with the young son of a tricycle driver.

One day, I simply told his father to drop me off at our address. Before I settled inside the tricycle, I noticed a boy standing by the rear. I invited him to sit next to me, and he did so with a gleeful look in his eyes.

The boy told me his name, and I quickly realized then that he was not one of those strangers I would usually ignore on a daily basis. I looked straight into the child’s eyes, the innocence of which did not fail to move me. He possessed such a strong spirit that I am quite sure I will never be capable of having. The look on the child’s face exuded this energy around him; I just knew that his beautiful soul can climb higher as he is not only unparalleled but also radiant.

Upon arriving at our house, I immediately looked forward to seeing the boy once more. He smiled at me, and I bent a little to give him a piece of chocolate. I turned to the driver, handed over my payment, and thanked him for the short tricycle ride that was made unforgettable by his son. IAN JOZEL N. JEREZ

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