AB English chair elected president of national linguistics organization

Photo taken from the UST website.

THE CHAIR of the UST Faculty of Arts and Letters English department has been elected president of the Linguistics Society of the Philippines (LSP), the premier linguistic organization in the country.

Prof. Rachelle Lintao, program lead of UST Graduate School for English Language Studies and research associate of UST Research Center for Social Sciences and Education, will serve a three-year term as chief of LSP.

Before being elected president, Lintao was the vice president of the organization from 2021 to 2024 and its treasurer from 2018 to 2021.

Lintao has been teaching language courses at the University for more than two decades. In 2020, she was awarded the best paper presenter during the Second Conference for Indonesian Community for Forensic Linguistics, which tackled forensic knowledge and methods.

She finished her bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education major in English with Reading Specialization at Philippine Normal University (PNU) in 1998.

She obtained her master’s degree in English Language Arts also from PNU in 2003 and earned her doctorate degree in Philosophy major in English Language Studies at UST in 2015.

The department chair currently serves as an editorial board member of UST Asian Journal of English Language Studies and international journal i-manager’s Journal on English Language Teaching, which aims to empower English language educators around the world.

She is also the country’s representative for international organization Clarity, which promotes plain legal language and design.

Lintao co-authored several research outputs such as “The Rise of Meme Culture: Internet Political Memes as Tools for Analysing Philippine Propaganda” and “Power, Control, and Resistance in Philippine and American Police Interview Discourse.”

Lintao will be the fourth LSP president affiliated with the UST English department after Asst. Prof. Anna Maria Gloria Ward, Prof. Marilu Madrunio and Prof. Alejandro Bernardo.

Established in 1969, the LSP is an academic association that aims to expand domestic research on Philippine languages. F

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