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AB’s fight for mental health: Is the effort enough?

IN A country with a population of almost 110 million, one in five people suffer from mental health problems as reported by the Philippines Statistic Authority in 2010. Former Department of Health Secretary Dr. Paulyn Ubial admitted that the Philippines has one psychiatrist for every 250,000, far from the ideal …

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Vulnerability and the art of expression

By ANGELA M. SE HONESTY IS key to art, and as much as it comes at a price of one’s vulnerability, to manifest oneself is to reveal the wounds that need healing or unearth one’s hidden burdens. Just like any therapies, honesty in oneself is a must to uncover issues …

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Neu Roses: Continuing Conversations

IT HAS been a year since the Department of Health officially launched a national hotline that will provide help to people with mental health concerns. The project is called HOPELINE, a 24/7 crisis support hotline for depression and suicide prevention. People behind the phone are trained by professional psychiatrists and …

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