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Tag Archives: QCinema Film Festival 2017

Medusae: The Eyeless Gorgon

By ADRIAN PAUL L. TAÑEDO SOME FAMILIES have gone to various places due to the availability of work opportunities under the guise of a trip. However, things do not always go according to plan and when the occult and supernatural decide to play tricks, the victims find out that a simple …

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In Neomanila, Mortality Rises while Morality Loses

By ZYMON ARVINDALE R. DYKEE HUMANS HAVE the tendency to struggle for their survival. When circumstances born out of naturalism render them marred, they respond to the situation by defense. This defense manifests in the form of violence. There is always a propensity to fight—to emerge from the tumultuous arena …

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The Chanters: More Than A Tribal Legacy

By CORHEINNE JOYCE B. COLENDRES FOR THE last chanter of their tribe, Ramon Navarro (Romulo Caballero) considers chanting to be beyond telling the story of a great epic, and merely keeping up with his tribe’s tradition. Chanting has evolved to become a means of preservation for their tribe’s entire history. …

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