Friday, June 2

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Bittersweet Mocha

Bittersweet Mocha

IN THIS day and age, everything we say and do is observed, analyzed, and critiqued. When President Rodrigo Duterte appointed Mocha Uson as Presidential Communications Assistant Secretary, all eyes (and ears) were on her. Uson has been very vocal about her support and loyalty toward the Duterte administration. She continues to defy the public through condemning all the anti-Duterte spills and defending and patronizing all the questionable and controversial decisions of the current administration. Her loyalty to Duterte proves to go beyond all the issues that haunt his administration. When Duterte decided to give her a Malacañang post, no one was surprised. Uson continues to influence and drag the people into a spiral of lies and fake news. It is ironic that a Presidential Commun...

ABSC, JRN Society decry Uson’s gov’t service award

By CRIS EUGENE T. GIANAN STUDENT BODIES of the Faculty of Arts and Letters (AB) denounced the Sunday decision of the University of Santo Tomas Alumni Association, Inc. (UST-AAI) to honor Presidential Communications Office Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson with a government service award. In a statement, the AB Student Council "strongly urged" the UST-AAI to revoke Uson's award despite the alumni association's insistence that the honor inspires recipients to live the Thomasian core values. “The ABSC still highly believes that she does not deserve to receive any form of award, which entails a reward for her merits; let alone be recognized by the University as a notable alumn[a],” the statement read. The UST Journalism Society branded the award as “a serious insult” to other Thom...