A better 2018 for Artlets



A NEW year could bring hope and fulfillment to Artlets, and surely, most students already have a list of things they wish to accomplish this 2018. The Flame compiled the goals that some Artlets want to achieve this year.

1. Get better grades
No matter what program, this is always included in every student’s goals. Good grades are tickets—although not the most important—to the real world, remember.

2. Eat healthier and get fit
Health is wealth, but why not take the extra mile to get fit? Nothing beats the fulfillment of feeling and seeing how healthy one is. Living a healthy lifestyle will not only allow a person to perform better, but will also boost his/her confidence.

3. Be more motivated
May it be through a loved one, the diploma everyone wants so bad, or the simple thought of a secured future, inspirations are what Artlets seek to help them do better not just in school, but also in life.

4. Spend wisely and save more
Saving is a good practice, but it does not mean that one should deprive him/herself of the things he/she wants to do. Spending wisely involves good timing, and of course, knowing one’s priorities.

5. Dedicate more quality time with family and friends
Spend time in gimmicks or barkada trips but do not forget that quality time can also be as simple as having a staycation with a good movie line-up and some freshly cooked popcorn. After all, anything that makes one feel good and comfortable is quality time.

6. Be more active in organizations
Not everything can be taught in the classroom. A lot of students have responsibilities outside of their rooms, like an event to be organized, a performance to be executed, or a student council position to take care of. These do not merely make one’s resume look better but provides him/her with helpful experiences.

7. Travel
What better way to explore different cultures than to actually immerse oneself with them. Travelling is not just marveling at the sights one would see but also taking in a lot of great learnings about different people’s perspective in life.

8. Surround oneself with positivity
One thing that some people lack in life is positivity. Normally, when one has a more upbeat, optimistic thinking, this results to healthier mental capabilities and can help one to accomplish daily tasks more effectively, not to mention maintaining a pleasant demeanor will surely keep friends and family close.

9. Explore new hobbies and interest
Activities that are non-academic related is a must to lighten up the stress and pressure that school puts on a student. A creative outlet is encouraged so that there will be a balance between work and play.

10. Read more books aside from the required readings
Gaining new knowledge would not hurt anyone. Flipping through a couple of pages a day will surely be a healthy exercise that will also result in better academic performance, among other things.

It is one big year ahead for Artlets and for sure, seeing items in the bucket list get ticked off as the year goes by is something truly fulfilling. F

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