From anxiety to gaiety: Batch ’24 Artlets exit the Arch of the Centuries in style

MEMBERS OF UST Batch 2024, who entered college life with anxiety, exited the iconic Arch of the Century with gaiety, with each Artlets program showing off a gimmick that highlighted a spirit fortified by the pandemic. 

Remember their rainy Thomasian Welcome Walk in 2022 that was two years in the making? This time around, they got to return to the arch without any hitch, showing off their gimmicks and displaying bursts of colors that reflected their college identities while celebrating diversity. 

During the Baccalaureate Mass held last May 31, students from the 13 programs of the Faculty of Arts and Letters (AB) expressed themselves as they bid farewell to the halls that once became their second home.

The event remains as the crescendo of a Thomasian’s journey, the University’s farewell to its students. For graduating Artlets, it was their last day donning the white and blue uniforms, which were partnered with a garb and accessories that showcased the theme assigned to their program.

Katana-wielding Asian studies 

Sanrio and friends, which originated in Japan, was the theme of graduating Asian studies students who wore charming headdresses while exiting the Arch of the Centuries.

The graduating asian studies students slip on their Sanrio-inspired accessories as they exit the arch. Photo by Venerando P. Pagaduan VII/ THE FLAME

Their charm complemented the program’s tradition of annually endowing katanas to their graduates. 

Flor-BES de Mayo

The festive month of May was the inspiration for the blooming graduating behavioral science students.

Behavioral science students wear various flower crowns, matching the magnificence of Flores de Mayo. Photo by Jade Alecksandra Bagas/ THE FLAME

Incorporating the vibrant spirit of Flores de Mayo, the seniors symbolically ended their college life with their heads adorned in distinctively colorful flower crowns. 

Wel-comm to the new world

The boisterous cheers of communication seniors ring through the night. Photo by Jade Alecksandra Bagas/ THE FLAME

The ingenious communication students took inspiration from the eccentric world of the musical “Wicked” as they walked past the iconic archway. The musical mirrored the graduating communication seniors’ voyage through the University that was marked with resilience and versatility.

MaKa-Throwback to the 2000s

Creative writing seniors pulled a nostalgic early 2000s-themed pre-program before they exited the arch. 

Creative writing seniors crowned with gold wreaths as they passed through the arch. Photo by Jade Alecksandra Bagas/ THE FLAME

Crowned with their customary laurel wreaths, the seniors retained the program’s tradition that highlights their “pagka-MaKatha” and symbolizes their triumph against the hardships of college.  

‘Econ para sa bayan’

Economics seniors left a lasting impression with their purpose-driven reference to Filipino customs.

Fourth-year economic students hold their Filipino-inspired frame as they nod to the country’s culture. Photo by Venerando P. Pagaduan VII/ THE FLAME

The graduating students showcased the festive banderitas and the country’s old Baybayin to express their appreciation for the country’s culture in one of their last moments in college. They also sought to raise awareness about the government’s public utility vehicle modernization program, which has sparked protests from traditional  jeepney operators and drivers  

Come on bun-ELS go party

English language seniors show off a different hue of blue. Photo by Jade Alecksandra Bagas/ THE FLAME

The English language studies seniors did not go unnoticed in their blue bunny headdresses as they glitzed and glamoured their way into the arch. 

“The world forever changes” in history

In 2023 pop culture fashion, history seniors looked back at one of the most infamous figures from the past.

Graduating history students mimic Cillian Murphy’s Oppenheimer, wearing fedoras and shades against the moonlight. Photo by Jade Alecksandra Bagas/ THE FLAME

Donning J. Robert Oppenheimer’s iconic black fedora and identification pins, graduating history students blasted past the arch to mark the end of their college stint. 

A JOURNey to remember 

Thomasian journos let out their wildest cheers that echoed throughout Lover’s Lane. Photo by Jade Alecksandra Bagas/ THE FLAME

Graduating journalism students passed through the Arch of the Centuries animatedly carrying the Little Prince theme. The novel by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry tackles love and friendship and offers observations about life.

They LMade it this far

Graduating legal management students wore navy blue hats that bore the name of their program. 

Legal management seniors cheer themselves on as they roar through the arch. Photo by Venerando P. Pagaduan VII/ THE FLAME

They also had their hashtag— #LMadeItHappen— to signify their accomplishments in their academic endeavors.

Lit goes Lewis

Literature seniors displayed a fairy tale-inspired motif as they exited the arch, channeling The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis. 

The Narnia-inspired fourth-year literature students raced through the arch with their crowns and crimson capes. Photo by / THE FLAME

The graduating students wore crowns and capes and were given pins that bore their program’s insignia and journals as it was their turn to write their stories outside the confines of the University.

Ready to enlighten 

Philosophy students showed that they are capable of pursuing wisdom while having fun.

Fourth-year philosophy students brighten up the arch with their insignia. Photo by Jade Alecksandra Bagas/ THE FLAME

Members of the Concilium Philosophiae channeled their inner sapience as they embodied the AB Student Council’s theme of “The Rational” – a clever twist on Taylor Swift’s album.

Spartans, prepare for glory!

Since five or six years ago, the tradition of wearing spartan capes has allowed graduating students of The Political Science Forum to stand out.

Political science seniors dressed in their red capes as they exited the arch. Photo by Jade Alecksandra Bagas/ THE FLAME

This year, seniors received additional tokens such as shirts and umbrellas.

Green means go for Socio

With each batch receiving a name every year, the sociology class of 2024 was christened “Serbisosyo.” 

With striking shades of green, Sociology seniors round up the final batch of AB students through the arch. Photo by Venerando P. Pagaduan VII

The batch kickstarted the practice of wearing green caps, which mirrored the program’s colors and signaled the seniors’ readiness to take on their own journey. F – Jade Alecksandra Bagas and Venerando Pagaduan VII


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