THE BLUE NORMAL – Ang ating pamahiin


“Is there a certain superstition that you find absurd or unreasonable?”

The one with black cats. Come on, they’re not bad [and] they’re actually pretty cute. Just because you see a black cat, [it doesn’t mean] your day would go bad, [and that] it would bring bad luck […] Cats are cute [and] I think that’s one superstition that I [find] unreasonable. 

“How do superstitions affect your decision-making and your daily life?”

[Superstitions] remind me that there are things out of our control as humans. There are spiritual things we can’t really control, and superstitions remind me of that. Sometimes, there are things we do not get a hold of [and] it’s okay if things get out of hand. It’s probably the way the world works. 

 – Nicole Trinidad, legal management student from Batangas

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