[Plot Twist] The Blue Normal – Finding serenity from within

photo courtesy of Vhey Tapia

“With only a month left in this year, what is something you are hoping for to happen?”

To spend the last month of the year with my family—just the joy of enjoying each other’s company and being thankful for all God’s blessings. As simple as that. Nothing [grander] because I believe that 2021 has spared enough room for me to prosper and grow. For that, I’m thankful already. 

“What do you consider your biggest plot twist this year?”

[It] would be finally choosing myself […] For so long, I was in a dark corner… This year, I learned to finally encourage myself to grow regardless of the past. I [also] learned [to muster] the courage to cut ties [with some people]  and build walls around my peace, [which is] something that won’t be broken easily. 

               – Vhey Tapia, journalism student


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