[Pillars of Strength] The Blue Normal – On Trust and Positivity

photo by Gaebriele Gutierrez / THE FLAME


“How did becoming the panganay influence you towards reaching your goals?” 

Sa totoo lang, in reaching my goals, I have to be positive in every aspect, especially when you know that problems may occur in the future. Kasi ikaw yung gagayahin nung [mga] kapatid mo eh. 

“What advice or message could you give to all the eldest in the family?”

You [Eldest siblings] really have to balance yourself kasi […] you have the responsibility [of being] a role model to your siblings.  if you can balance yourself, you are able to meet all expectations, hindi lang sa pamilya mo pero bilang isang anak at tao na rin. 

Yes, may pressure talaga bilang panganay pero you have to trust in yourselfalways. Kasi sarili mo lang din naman ‘yung makakatulong sa’yo para abutin ‘yon at magawa ‘yung mga bagay na ikaw lang ang makakagawa bilang isang panganay.

              – Azrah Halili, asian studies student


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