[Pillars of Strength] The Blue Normal – Pride and Joy

photo by Aris Jhon Galang /THE FLAME

What is your proudest moment as the eldest child?” 

[My] proudest moment as the eldest is [that] I get to stand as the second parent of my younger sister. Maraming times na I get to provide her with the income I get [from gigs and commissions], mga life advice na mararanasan niya pa lang pero naranasan ko na na feeling namin ako yung mas fit magpayo sa kanya than my parents kasi kami ‘yung mas magkalapit ng generation.

“What is the hardest part of being the eldest in the family?”

Most challenging part [of being the eldest] are those times na parang feeling ‘ko ako ang experiment sa maraming bagay kasi ako ang unang sasabak. 

               -Jose Gabriel Ignacio, journalism student 


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