Nathan: Marami kayong pagdadaanan, marami kayong maeexperiencee [sa UST]

Photo by Angeline Tanqueco/ THE FLAME

As CSC president, do you have a personal message you wish to say to our freshies?

“We very much welcome our freshmen to UST! As a freshman back then, I really noticed it’s a journey [freshies] will be taking and you’re very much excited for. Marami kayong pagdadaanan, marami kayong maeexperiencee but at the very least you will have a good time in UST. 

We’ll make sure we [CSC] will represent you as you go through life as a student [in UST]. We’re just here if ever you need anything. The central student council will always be vigilant for your rights.”

Any advice for our freshies? 

“This first year is a very experimental phase. You have to discover what you really want in here UST and you also have to try organizations, try councils but if you want to try [focusing on] academics, that’s all right as well. That’s one thing I want you to do; explore [..] and of course always, always reach out when you need it. Wag kayo mahiya magtanong.”

           – Nathan Augustin, Central Student Council President 

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