Noontime dreaming



Kevin loved watching the sun’s gradual transition from its boldest blaze of orange to its velvet tangerine hues every afternoon.

He knew the perfect spot in the University where he could get a front-row view of the show. He picked a bench in front of the main building to admire the statues of two saints and the Dominican monk that framed the stretch of orange skies. 

He always did this before meeting up with his best friends, Amy and Paul. The two would stroll down lover’s lane every afternoon just as much as Kevin liked his alone time. They would arrive on time, just to catch him half-awake from an afternoon nap.

“Tignan mo ‘to.” He heard Amy say.  “Natutulog kung saan abutin ng antok.” 

“Gising na Kevin. Gusto mo bang mahuli sa klase?” Paul teased.

Instead of answering Paul, he laughed back at them. It was funny because he knew he had no afternoon classes this semester.

Or so he thought. 

His eyes opened like two flashlight beams as his heart pounded against his ribcage. It felt like being sucked into a wormhole, taking him back to his senses. 

Amy was right; he has the habit of sleeping in unusual times and places. 

Kevin’s eyes took in every ray of light from his computer as he stared at the orange dabs of clouds and the serene shadows of the statues. Sighing heavily, he clicked the Zoom link and accepted that he was turning in late for class. F

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