ABSC seeks to regain Artlets’ trust anew, vows to take actions vs. type-B supplier

ABSC President Jan Dominic Castro delivers his speech during the State of the Council Address held Friday at the Thomas Aquinas Research Center Auditorium.
ABSC President Jan Dominic Castro delivers his speech during the State of the Council Address held Friday at the Thomas Aquinas Research Center Auditorium. Photo by Karl Angelo N. Vidal/ THE FLAME

THE FACULTY of Arts and Letters Student Council (ABSC) vowed to mend its relationship with the Artlet community yesterday after conceding it lost the trust of students due to issues that have been plaguing the council since last year.

During his State of the Council Address, ABSC President Jan Dominic Castro mentioned the controversies that continue to surround AB such as the missing council fund, anomaly on type-B uniforms, haircut and hair color policy, as well as the council’s accomplished projects and upcoming plans.

“Last year, we faced a lot of hurdles one after the other. It seemed unending, and as part of the previous administration, I too would admit [that] last year was not easy, it never was,” Castro said.

He added that the council sank in despair because of the said issues and that their trust in one another was lost.

Moreover, Castro stated that the ABSC would show an “iron fist” against the supplier of type-B uniforms and the people responsible for the bidding and selection of the supplier. “Mananagot ang nanloko sa ating lahat.”

The supplier, Bright Ravens Printing Company (Bright Ravens Co.), whom the council blamed for the delayed distribution and sloppy quality of Artlets’ supposed summer uniform, would face damage claims from the ABSC.

The council would seek help from the University’s legal team in order to file charges against Bright Ravens Co.

ABSC also brought the case to the Student Welfare and Development Board to take appropriate actions and investigate the role of some Artlets behind the anomalous bidding of the type-B uniform supplier.

However, the details of the investigation would remain private since students were involved in the issue, Castro said in reference to the Student Handbook.

Out of the 8,900 type-B uniforms ordered, only 472 pieces were left undistributed or for exchange.

Meanwhile, he clarified ABSC’s stand on the haircut and hair color policy implemented by the administration, saying they had thoroughly discussed the policy with the administration, and it was Dean Michael Anthony Vasco who approved it. The council would assist Artlets if they have matters to discuss regarding their hairstyles.

The council president also acknowledged the rights of Artlets to hold activities such as the silent protest held last August as long as they do not infringe on the rights of other students.

Furthermore, the ABSC had eight projects under the current administration, half of which were in commemoration of the Buwan ng Wika. The council also joined a responsible voting campaign and organized an event unifying the performing arts organizations of the Faculty.

ABSC spent a total of P321,595 from the Student Activity Fund (SAF) for the first semester of the current academic year.

The figure mentioned above was drawn from the announced remaining funds of ABSC which amount to P17,357 and the total of the SAF for first semester which amounts to P338,952. The council has also used all of its cash-on-hand funds during the first semester. FDONN CLARENZE D. GONZALES

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