CSC bets urged to walk the talk

Alumni Association president Henry Tenedero emphasizes that putting words into action is one of the characteristics of an effective campus leader. Photo by Marylou C. Sausa/ THE FLAME

ASPIRING STUDENT leaders were challenged to “communicate beyond the syntax of language” and put their words into action in an open dialogue held Wednesday.

Thomasian Alumni Leaders Association (TALA) President Henry Tenedero said words are cheap unless they are “communicated within the pinnacle of the heart.”

“[Saying] less is more for we have become a talkative society but are we making sense? It is not what you know about leadership but about how you walk the talk,” he said.

The former Student Organizations Coordinating Council president emphasized the importance of emotional quotient of leaders as many people lack heart in service.

“Where’s GMA (Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo)? Nakakulong. [Mayroon siyang] high IQ,” he said. “Maraming matagumpay na tao na matalino pero hindi ginagamit ang puso. Ang buhay ay hindi puro talino lang.”

Charisma is also important in leadership, Tenedero said, because it convinces people to support the leaders’ projects and advocacies.

“Leadership is an art ─ an ability to bring out the best in other people to your own best.”

But Tenedero reminded the Central Student Council (CSC) hopefuls that a candidate’s character is a better tool than looks in order to win the polls.

“What will define you? It’s your character [and] your ability to communicate beyond the syntax of language… Malaking bagay po ang itsura pero mas malaking bagay kung may laman ang may itsura,” he said.

The TALA president also relayed the Thomasian alumni’s sentiment on the students’ lack of participation in leadership roles.

Panahon na na ang UST ay makialam. [It is] better to join the battle than to be simply a passer-by and just look at what’s happening outside. Kailangan ipakita mo ang iyong abilidad,” he said.

Organized by CSC and Central Commission on Elections, the Thomasian Open Dialogue was attended by CSC bets including Artlets namely, independent candidate for secretary Samantha Williams, Enna Hermoso from the Lakas ng Diwang Tomasino, and Jherome Ramos from the Lakas Tomasino Coalition who are both vying for the position of Public Relations Officer. F – Christian De Lano M. Deiparine

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