Artlets’ proper waste management advocacy clinch 2nd place in speech contest

File photo by KARL ANGELO N. VIDAL
File photo by KARL ANGELO N. VIDAL

REPRESENTATIVES FROM the Faculty of Arts and Letters (AB) won second place after fighting for proper waste management in an advocacy speech contest.

Behavioral Science junior and AB Debate Parliament Prime Minister Sophia Salonga, Philosophy sophomore Andrew Cerrudo, Communication Arts sophomore Wailyn Lavarias, and Legal Management freshman Xandra Bravo encouraged people to focus on small efforts being done to protect the environment.

“They’re so focused on the big ideas that they forgot that the smallest actions contribute to the biggest difference,” the group said in their performance.

While many are pushing for proper waste management awareness, the real problem, according to the group, boils down to lack of concrete action. “They think that the miniscule act of segregating their trash doesn’t affect them or the people around them when in fact it does.”

While they emerged as second placers, Salonga admitted they found it hard to make proper waste management “intriguing” and relatable for the audience.

The College of Education grabbed the championship while the AMV-College of Accountancy placed third.

Topics such as the upcoming elections, academic freedom, plagiarism, and proper waste management were assigned to each group weeks before the competition.

Organized by the UST English Department and English Language Studies Society, the advocacy speech contest was held last March 30 during the English Language Festival. F CHRISTIAN DE LANO M. DEIPARINE

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