Journalism alumna recognized for political reporting

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Photo courtesy of Christina Mendez

A JOURNALISM alumna was named Newspaper Female Reporter of the Year by the Rotary Club of Manila for her quality reportage in the field of politics.

Christina Mendez, who graduated in 1996 and is now a senior reporter at the Philippine Star, said writing about politics “stimulates minds and provokes ideas,” given the complex background of Philippine politics.

“It is really very challenging to cover politics and politicians who each have their own agenda. One needs to learn how to weave stories by separating intrigues and personal agenda from real facts and the proper perspective,” Mendez told the Flame.

“It (politics) also tests your own personal convictions, makes you stand on your ground for the principles you believe in, and be true to the standards of ethical journalism,” she added.

Mendez also shared that her almost 20 years of experience in covering various fields, ranging from police to Malacañang, enabled her to be an efficient journalist.

“From one beat to another, I believe I was able to hone my skills in gathering news [and] established news sources, which also helped me in developing my integrity as a journalist,” she said.

Outstanding journalists were awarded in a ceremony held June 22.

Organized in 1966, the Rotary Club of Manila Journalism Awards honors exceptional contributions of individuals in print, television, and radio. F – CRIS EUGENE T. GIANAN

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