Philo online journal gets CHED incentive

photo grabbed from Kritike: An Online Journal of Philosophy website

THE ONLINE journal of the UST Department of Philosophy obtained a grant from the Journal Incentive Program (JIP) of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), giving the journal technical and financial support.

Kritike: An Online Journal of Philosophy was given the Journal Challenge Grant, a grant that aims to support activities which grow scientific citation and promote prominence in social media and public engagement profiles of scholarly journal articles.

Kritike is a Filipino peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary, and international journal of philosophy that seeks to publish articles and book reviews by local and international authors with special emphasis on Filipino Philosophy, Oriental Thought and East-West Comparative Philosophy, Continental European Philosophy, and Anglo-American Philosophy.

With the grant, the institutions with the CHED-JIP-accepted journals will be provided by CHED a digital platform for their respective works through the Portal for Academic Knowledge, an outlet for online article submission, refereeing and manuscript tracking.

The institutions will also receive P500,000 per year for the period of three years and a CHED endorsement for library subscription.

The CHED-JIP-accepted journals will also receive an automatic nomination for the CHED REPUBLICA: Journal of the Year category.

The four other CHED-JIP recognized journals were Humanities Diliman: A Philippine Journal of Humanities from the University of the Philippines (UP) Diliman, Acta Medica Philippina from UP Manila, Journal of Environmental Science and Management from UP Los Baños, and Kritika Kultura from the Ateneo de Manila University.

CHED-JIP aims to pursue quality, integrated, and honest research which adheres to international standards.

The application for CHED-JIP began in December 2016. F

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