CA senior is UST courtside reporter for UAAP Season 80

Photo grabbed from Tonie Moreno’s Facebook account

SHE WORKED hard to get the position and now she will work twice as hard to prove that she deserves it.

These were the words of Communication Arts senior Tonie Moreno as she takes on the role of being UST’s courtside reporter for the University Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP) Season 80.

“Thomasians are very invested in the UAAP games and thus, they seek more information about the teams/players they admire. Being the bridge between the team and the fans is one of my functions as [courtside reporter],” Moreno told the Flame in an online exchange.

“[To be a courtside reporter] was a really long process and to be honest, I felt like crying when I realized that I finally got my dream job. This stint didn’t come easily to me,” she added.

Despite having experiences in hosting events as part of her work in the Tomasian Media Circle and Talents, Moreno admitted that there are still things that she has to adjust to as a courtside reporter.

“Reporting in front of a camera requires more attention to detail as compared to events hosting. There’s also a need to refine the content of what you have to say, and the way you present yourself factors in as well,” she said.

Moreno believes that the UST Growling Tigers will start their UAAP campaign with a boosted confidence after notching the 32nd Kadayawan Basketball Invitational Tournament championship in Davao City on Aug. 27.

The Tigers will face the University of the Philippines in their season opener on Sept. 10, 2 p.m., at the Mall of Asia Arena. F

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