Independent bet withdraws candidacy for ABSC VP-internal

Independent candidate for vice president for internal affairs Paolo Alezandro Nera. Photo by KATHLEEN MAE I. GUERRERO/ THE FLAME

THE RACE for the position of vice president-internal of the Arts and Letters Student Council is now down to three candidates from four after an independent bet on Monday formally withdrew his candidacy from the special elections.

In a resolution, the AB Commission on Elections (Comelec) said independent candidate Paolo Alezandro Nera has withdrawn from the special elections at 4:20 p.m.

Nera said the reason behind his withdrawal from the elections is “not actually of any political concern, [but] it is more of priorities.”

“[I] honor what my thesis adviser told me that I must give my all to my research. Also, I might jeopardize my business if I add up another responsibility. All is well. I have high esteem in the capabilities of my fellow candidates,” Nera told the Flame in an online exchange.

Despite pulling out from the vice presidential race, the Philosophy major urged the Artlet community to vote for “practicality and unity” in the special elections.

“Vote for someone who will attest and act to situations that will give benefits [to] the students, especially to current needs such as to student’s welfare and immediacy with their platforms,” Nera said. “Vote for someone who is qualified and would attest to their prospects and promises with confidence and assurance. Vote for someone who will make sure that we are all accounted for.”

Running for the position of vice president for internal affairs are Clio Marie Ocampo of the Grand Alliance for Progress, independent candidate Mary Shane Talapian, and Jeremiah Pasion of Student Alliance for the Advancement of Democratic Rights in UST.

The campaign period was originally from Sept. 11 to 13 but was extended until Sept. 14 due to a class suspension on Tuesday. A Miting de Avance will be held on Sept. 13. F – JANYN MARIELLA MONTEALEGRE

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