ABSC officers now complete; GAP’s bet is new auditor


AFTER TWO special elections, the officers of this academic year’s Arts and Letters Student Council (ABSC) are now complete, with Grand Alliance for Progress’ candidate finally filling the position of auditor.

GAP’s Gheck Barlis garnered 496 votes, outnumbering the 480 votes for Jose Antonio Rivera from the Students’ Democratic Party. A total of 334 ballots were void.

In the previous special elections, Barlis, then sole candidate for auditor, obtained 1,149 votes but still lost to 1,155 void ballots.

Her projects include an HIV awareness campaign and a time table of the development of the council officers’ platforms.

Barlis said she plans to meet the audit committee head of the ABSC to update herself with the auditing matters du ring the position’s vacancy. “Rest assured that I will be doing the best I can to fulfill my role as auditor.”

A voter turnout of 47.53 percent was recorded for this special election as only 1,310 out of the 2,756 voting population participated.

AB Commission on Elections Chairperson Ayla-Rhey Salapare said the low voter turnout was because some seniors were on their retreat and some professors refused to allow elections during their classes. F

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