AB dethrones Educ in Teomasino



THE FACULTY of Arts and Letters (AB) claimed the top spot in this year’s Teomasino: Thomasian Theology Quiz Bee after dominating both the elimination and extemporaneous speech rounds Wednesday at the Medicine Auditorium.

AB Team composed of Sociology senior Alexandra Azul, History junior Dennis Amarante, and Philosophy seniors Andrew Domingo and Anton Heinrich Rennesland garnered an average of 95.43 percent, leaving silver to the College of Education (Education) with an average of 87.12 percent.

The College of Science (Science) bagged bronze after obtaining an average of 84.8 percent.

AB topped the elimination round with 55 points. Education garnered 50 points while Science trailed with 46 points.

AB also dominated the extemporaneous speech category after scoring an average of 96 percent while Education and Science obtained 79 and 77 percent, respectively.

“It’s a very blessed opportunity for all of us to represent the Faculty because the three of us are graduating now, so it’s a nice legacy for us that we’re able to, somehow, live out what we have learned further in the years of theology here. We’re really thankful,” Rennesland, also the champion in the extemporaneous speech category, told the Flame.

The final score for each team was composed by 65 percent of the score for the elimination round and 35 percent of the score for the extemporaneous speech round.

The Faculty, however, failed to secure a spot in the essay writing category of Teomasino. Winners are Science, College of Fine Arts and Design, and Conservatory of Music, which ranked first, second, and third, respectively.

Teomasino is an annual university-wide event organized by the Institute of Religion. F

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