Race for ABSC auditor down to solo candidate

ARTLETS ARE now left with one candidate to eye for the position of Arts and Letters (AB) Student Council auditor after the AB Commission on Elections (Comelec) disqualified Dekada’s bet for failing to submit deficiencies on time.

In a resolution released April 6, the AB Comelec said Dekada’s candidate for auditor Richard Carlyle Bote failed to submit other requirements by 5 p.m. last April 5, resulting in the forfeiture of his candidacy.

AB Comelec Chairperson Ayla-Rhey Sapalare did not disclose to the Flame the other details behind Bote’s disqualification as per Dekada’s request.

“We respect Dekada’s request for privacy. In addition, since we are not under any investigation, there is no need for us to reveal said documents,” Sapalare said.

She added, however, that the Comelec is “more than willing to cooperate” if it becomes a legal necessity to reveal specifics regarding Bote’s disqualification.

Article VI of the UST Student Election Code of 2011 states that an aspiring candidate for local elections must submit his/her certificate of candidacy, three black-and-white passport-sized photo, transcript of record with general weighted average from the registrar.

Other requirements include good moral character from the Dean’s office, photocopy of school ID and registration form, photocopy of his/her program of government (optional), and resignation letter for incumbent officers of any organizations.

Bote said he respects the local poll body’s decision and is confident with the remaining candidates from Dekada.

“Honestly speaking, it’s such a heartbreak not being able to participate in the election because I and the rest of the slate dedicated so much time and effort; a lot of sacrifices have been made to get this far. […] This setback will not stop Dekada from fighting for the opportunity to actualize their visions within AB. This challenge won’t stop me from serving and continuing what I do,” he said in an online exchange.

Dekada Chairperson Brian Leshen echoed Bote.

“We’ve tried to appeal regarding the matter on the reason behind,” Leshen said. “We fully respect their decision.” F – CRIS EUGENE T. GIANAN

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