Rector to Batch 2018: Recognize God’s actions in your life


RECTOR REV. Fr. Herminio Dagohoy, O.P. urged graduating Thomasians to appreciate God’s help in their lives and challenged them to make a legacy for the younger generations to follow in the Baccalaureate Mass held Thursday.

“Recognize God’s actions in your life. God is touching you with his grace; it was grace that made you the best wine. […] Your success is not just about you,” Dagohoy said.

He noted that in the pursuit of goals, one tends to live “as if everything is out of our own making.”

“Whenever our interior life becomes popped up in its interests and concerns and there is no longer room for God and others, it will become a life of so many contradictions,” Dagohoy said, citing Pope Francis.

The rector called on the graduating batch to work for the good of all rather than serve own personal interests.

“Armed with Thomasian education, we believe you can face the challenge of today’s world. […] Your journey in UST ends this evening, but the test of your being Thomasian also begins. Be proud of your beginning and make your life a legacy for other Thomasians to emulate,” Dagohoy said.

“It’s time for us to let you go. Do not lose that little space where God could easily touch you when you feel that your wine is no longer enough. Everything God suffices,” he added.

The Faculty of Arts and Letters (AB) again produced the biggest number of candidates for graduation this year, yielding 1,187 of the 8,794 students who exited the Arch of the Centuries. AB was followed by the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Pharmacy with 777 and 774 graduates, respectively. F

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