ABSC VP-Internal resigns, apologizes for lapses in service



ARTLETS Student Council (ABSC) Vice President-Internal Anika Imperial resigned from her post on Thursday citing medical problems and apologized for her lapses during her term in response to accusations of incompetence from some Artlets.

In a statement released on her personal social media accounts, the VP-Internal said she underwent a medical treatment in September that “affected her physical movement” and requires “ample time to rest and heal.”

“Given my condition, I, Anika Simone B. Imperial, am resigning as the Vice President-Internal in order to make way for my recovery. I will be of assistance during the transition period, and I pledge to still fully support the endeavors of Artlets Student Council,” her statement read.

ABSC President Rafael Arellano lamented the resignation, saying it means added duties for the remaining officers of the council.

Nakalulungkot din naman na wala rin tayong PRO (Public Relations Officer) tapos mawawalan pa tayo ng [vice president]. Me making both ends meet is already hard as is, so kapag nawawalan pa tayo ng tao, lalo ring humihirap, and siguro pinaka-worry ko ngayon is mawalan ng trust ‘yung students with the council,” Arellano told the Flame

He said Imperial’s executive project Mental Health Volunteers will still push through and that the rest of the council will focus on doing what they can.

Imperial added that the project is currently being carried out by Team Vice President-Internal along with the ABSC, while AB Help Desk will be “executed during the STRAW (Students’ Rights and Welfare) Week of AB.”

Accusations of incompetence
A member of an AB organization who refused to be named disclosed that Imperial had lapses during her time in office, such as failing to properly organize the Artlets General Assembly as well as missing several meetings.

[‘Yung] event parang ‘di pinagplanuhan and walang proper publicity. [S]everal times din namove yung org fair. Kapag mag-mi-meeting kami, lagi siyang wala and ‘=yung EA (Executive Assistant) lang niya ‘yung mga nando’n.”

Parang I felt that she is not into [the job]. [P]arangdi siya nag-e-effort to raise issues or kumustahin man lang ‘yung mga org inside AB,” the source added.

In response to these accusations, Imperial apologized for the lapses during her term.

“Given the situation before, I completely understand where the other officers/Artlets are coming from since I have committed errors that have affected the progress of the council and I take full responsibility for them,” she said.

AB Commission on Elections Chairperson Giselle Manzano said the Comelec will wait for the Board of Majors or the ABSC to officially declare the position of VP-Internal as vacant before conducting a special election.

Manzano added that the special elections for the positions of VP-Internal and PRO will be held simultaneously. F

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