Auditor hopefuls to establish transparency in the ABSC


L-R: Gabriel Lapid, Jelliza Letran. photos by THE FLAME

AN AUDITOR is not merely the bookkeeper’s assistant. Though this position is seemingly overshadowed by the treasurer, it is more complex than it appears to be and should not be seen as an easy job. In reality, the auditor is responsible for supervising the proper use of funds and the progress of the council’s projectsa duty not to be taken lightly.

Both candidates for this position envision several new ways to present the audits. They also advocate for a more efficient and transparent auditing process which the Artlet community must watch out for.

Changing the game

Credentials and platforms of Jelliza Letran. Poster by DANEA PATRICIA T. VILOG/ THE FLAME

Grand Alliance for Progress’ (GAP) Jelliza Letran takes pride in being the eldest among her siblings, which she regards as part of her leadership training.

She describes this, along with her experience as the former executive coordinator to the auditor of the Communication Arts (CA) Students’ Association, as the foundation of her candidacy.

“I don’t want to limit myself with my constitutional duties to report and audit all financial reports, so I want to go out kung saan pa pwede mag-reach out and ano pa puwede ko maitulong, so kung saan ‘yung the best way is ‘yung facility na meron na tayo,” she explains.

The GAP bet credits her leadership philosophy to her political party, which she also considers her family.

“Personally, gusto ko ‘yung leader who is not only a leader but is also a servant to his fellow, kasi you can’t be a leader when you’re too high. You have to understand where they’re coming from but also compromise with that [and] use what we have now and make it work,” she shares.

Jelliza aims to break boundaries and bridge the growing gap between the Artlet community and the student leaders when it comes to information about funds.  

“As the next auditor, I want you guys to know where our money is going, saan ‘to napupunta, ano pinaggagastusan natin, and para maramdaman niyo na you are also part of it and lahat ng pinaggagastusan namin is for you,” she concludes.

Eliminating the grey areas

Credentials and platforms of Gabriel Lapid. Poster by DANEA PATRICIA T. VILOG/ THE FLAME

Also seeking the auditor post is Gabriel Lapid, hailing from the Artlets Economics Society. While he acknowledges that his leadership experiences are not as prominent as others’, he takes pride in having been a student leader in high school and attending numerous conventions on economics that he says he can apply to being an auditor.

“My leadership skills may not be as loud as the others but it does not mean na wala ako… Siguro magagawa ko siya once na nakaupo na ako and through experience matututunan ko rin siya. Naging treasurer and secretary din naman ako noong high school ako,” he says.

The economics freshman shares that he is part of the crowd that felt underwhelmed by the incumbent council’s performance; for him, they were not transparent enough. Gabriel explains that this is why he puts an emphasis on public information and public welfare.

“Transparency promotes public information and anti-corruption kasi lahat ng students may karapatan din malaman kung ano ginagawa ng student council. We have the right to public information regarding our public welfare,” he says. 

Carrying the vision of his political party, DEKADA, Gabriel stands by his battle cry for accountability and transparency.

“I ran for the position of auditor dahil I’m confident naman na magiging reliable ako for this position… gusto ko patunayan ito pag nakaupo na ako by doing my platforms and by doing my constitutional duties, kasi ang DEKADA, wala itong background sa corruption at ang kanilang duties ay nagagawa nila no’ng nasa upuan pa sila,” he says. F

WATCH: Get to know candidates for auditor Jelliza Letran (GAP) and Gabriel Lapid (DEKADA) through the Flame’s video series for AB Halalan 2019.

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