Secretarial candidates to go the extra mile for an improved ABSC

L-R: Romulo Corporal V, Jecelie De La Rosa. photos by THE FLAME

FRESHMEN Jecelie De La Rosa (Grand Alliance for Progress) and Romulo Corporal V (DEKADA) may be new to college, but neither of them are neophytes to leadership roles. Both Artlets have accepted the challenge and pressure to serve the Faculty through student leadership.

A transparent ABSC

As a creative writing major, Jecelie knows the power of words. However, she wants to transcend words and move into the realm of action.

Even though the role of secretary entails working with a lot of pressure, this is not a new thing for her since she is currently a grievance committee member of the Artlets Student Council (ABSC).

“It is not really about the title, or mataas man ‘yung rank ko. [I]f there is anything that I can do to contribute to this community, I will do it and I will devote my time and dedication for it,” she says.

An advocate for transparency, Jecelie believes that it is the students’ right to know what is happening inside and outside the student council. She thinks that  transparency is the key to earning the students’ trust in the council again.

“[T]his is our home for the next four years to come and dapat mahalin natin ‘yung community natin as Artlets. Kaya kung mahal natin ang AB, we only want the best for it, and that is what makes me passionate about it,” Jecelie states.

Committed and passionate leadership

DEKADA’s Romulo, more commonly called “Fifth,” wants to continue what he started as a student leader in high school by working toward a better and more improved ABSC.

The political science freshman knows how difficult and hectic it can be to be part of the student council, but for him, student leadership is not a waste of time and he wants it be his avenue to serve his beloved Faculty.

“Secretary ‘yung may alam ng buong proseso ng mga papeles, so dapat ang secretary ang may obligasyon kasi alam niya kung saan pupunta ‘yung mga papeles at alam niya kung sino ang mga taong pipirma doon. [K]asi hindi mag-wo-work ‘yung mga projects kung walang mga papeles,” he explains.

For Fifth, an Artlet student leader should have a vision as well as commitment. As an aspiring lawyer wanting to contribute to change in the Faculty, he says he is ready to go the extra mile for AB. F MARY NICOLE P. MIRANDA

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