VP-external aspirants push for social awareness

L-R: Johann Uy, Paolo Manuel. photos by THE FLAME

DESPITE being freshmen, the vice president for external affairs hopefuls are taking on a big challenge: to bring forth in AB the change that it needs and deserves. The two aspirants seek to change the growing culture of apathy and complacency in the Faculty.

A different style of leadership

Words are the weapons of persuasion of DEKADA bet Paolo Jericho Manuel. A debater and a strong-willed intellectual, Paolo believes that his experience as a public speaker can help him actualize his goals for the Faculty.

“Whatever job you give me, I can give my utmost excellence—that I can assure you,” he says.

Driven by his advocacy for the rehabilitation of drug users and giving people the chance to change, he believes that his leadership style will bring to the council a different kind of governance.

“I inspire others to achieve the same goal. I’m not doing everything [because] that is not leadership,” he says. “Recognizing the talents one finds in others and delegating tasks and together reaching the goal they are aiming for, is leadership.”

Advocating students’ rights

Progress is what Johann Ludwig Uy of the Grand Alliance for Progress wants to see in the Artlet community. He aspires for a more involved community since the Faculty houses liberal and passionate students.

Alongside his desire to protect students’ rights, he emphasizes his willingness to bridge the students’ concerns to the ‍administration.

Gusto kong iparating sa University na hindi dapat ino-normalize ang students’ rights violations,” he says.

The legal management freshman was a victim of a student’s rights violation in high school. Being vocal about his thoughts in the form of tweets and online posts led to his repression—he was restricted from expressing his personal views because it was said to go against the beliefs of the school administration.

Now that he is given the chance to become a more active student through the council, he wants to give a voice to the people who are afraid to speak up.

“As long as you are willing to sacrifice anything for the sake of the student body, even if it takes your reputation or position, basta willing ka i-sacrifice lahat for the sake of the student body and the betterment of the council, then you will be a great student leader,” he says. F LORRAINE B. LAZARO

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